Our Mission

Disrupt and lead online advertising and publishing by embracing emerging trends and technologies.  

Deftly develop highly-scalable and profitable brands by adopting innovative solutions using data driven business intelligence.


  • Seize/Embrace Change

  • Innovate, Execute and Grow

  • Maximize Potential

  • Serve Humanity

  • Radical Ownership


"Process should not stifle creativity. It can’t end up being a barrier to innovation or be the barrier to the fluid movement of ideas."

  • Accountability

  • Unrelenting Resolve

  • Customer Focused 

  • Brand Obsession

  • Committed Growth

  • Solution-Based Mindset  

  • Passionate Creativity 

  • Radical Ownership

  • Invent & Simplify

  • Life Balance 

  • Honor & Integrity 

  • Continued Charitable Giving

  • Efficiency & Profitability

  • Successful Results 

"Change is a fundamental law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

Core Values

We cultivate a team that is oriented in a culture of ownership and accountability.  We are constantly evolving through collective ideas that can be decisively implemented. We engage passionately to create long term resolve and endurance.

Hiring Policy: 

“First, hire only great people, no compromises.

Second, make sure those people share the company’s core values and truly ‘get’ our mission.” 

Interview Process:

Round 1: Initial video chat

Round 2: In office interview (1hr)

Round 3: In office team interviews (3hr)

Round 4: Executive final interview

To Apply :

Please take the following Aptitude Test

Experienced Leadership